ask us questionS!


Q: It's out of business hours. How can I book my appointment?

A: Very easy. You can now book                    with us! Anytime, anywhere. All you need is a smartphone or a computer connected to wifi. We encourage you to book online to secure your spot as soon as possible.

Q: Is your shop only appointment-based?

A: NOOOO. We welcome walk-ins as well!!! However, due to a very busy schedule, we would love to be able to fit you in at the time you prefer by having you booking appointment in advance. That is the only way to secure your spot. You can call in during our business hours or book online with us to set up future appointments.

Q: How do I cancel my appointments? Do I have to call in the shop?

A: Absolutely NOT!!! You now can manage your future appointments through our online booking system (cancel and rebooking). The steps are as below:

1. Log into our online booking system

2. Click on "manage future appointments"

3. Select the appointments you would like to cancel

4. Click "Cancel"

5. When you get navigated back to the main page of online booking, select another available date and time that you would like to visit us

Q: Why is my appointment booked for Wednesday (the next day) when I try to book for Tuesday (today)?

A: The system tried to help! When our schedule is completely full, the system automatically moves you to the next available date so that you can have more options for appointment. Please read the confirmation email carefully for the accurate information of your future appointment!

Q: Do you do women hair?

A: Yes. Jasper is a gender-friendly barbershop. Even though we originally cater to men grooming (mainly), we always welcome women. Better news, as the business has expanded, we have hired professional hairstylists to serve the female clients coming into the shop. Besides haircuts, female clients can also enjoy other services like waxing, skincare and manicure/pedicure.

Q: What are other services you offer besides haircuts and beard?

A: We also do waxing and skincare for both men and women. Additionally, we also have a team of professional nail technicians to take care of your mani/pedi. You can check out more information under "services" tab.


Q: What happens if I am 10-15 minutes late for my appointment?

A: Nothing happens! There is no punishment (haha). However, we will not be able to service you on that day to ensure our integrity. Each service needs a certain amount of time to be perfectly done and we want to make sure that we get to take care of every single details. You are welcomed to rebook for another date (or time) and we can make it happen for you!!! We do understand that there might be some weather issues happening. Please do inform us ahead so that we can accommodate you better.


Q: Are your barbers always on time?

A: We always try our best to finish the service in the standard time frame (30 minutes); however, some haircuts might take a little bit longer than the others or some other situations might delay our day. The front desk will be responsible to inform you if your barber is behind schedule on that day. If you cannot delay the appointment, we would love to offer you any other available time or date that fit your schedule. We are sorry for the inconvenience and we will improve for the better.

For more questions, please contact us at and (905) 990 8898.